Restaurant Taverna’n

Oslo, Norway

The restaurant Taverna’n opened its doors at Youngstorget in Oslo in December 2014. Paulsen & Nilsen was responsible for designing and managing the construction of the 350m2 fitout. Bico Bygg og Innredning were the contractors and BJ Design has been a partner in the project.
Given that the venue was so vast, we ventured to create spaces within spaces. Our biggest challenge was to ensure that the concept was cohearant throughout, and that the materials palette allowed for enough detail to create interest within each space.

It’s easy dining at Taverna’n. Pizza’s straight from the woodfired oven, meats and cheese on wooden slabs. The open kitchen is great theatre. Fresh produce and wine are on display, adding to the material and colour palette. There are many different seating arrangments – it’s a great place to come on ’date night’, alternatively a large group can come for ’after work beers’.
The restaurant has a great deal of custom detailing thoughout – the upholstery, the tables, the metal work etc. There are many unique light fittings sourced from all over Europe and the fabulous reclaimed timber flooring is from the Netherlands. The chairs are old Thonet orginals that have been restored in the Czech Republic.
Photography by Lars Botten